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Microeconomics - 2: General Equilibrium EconSchoolX

About This Course

In this course, you will learn efficiency and market equilibrium concepts in a simple pure exchange economy environment. We will cover several examples of hypothetical two good two consumer economies to motivate the solution concepts.


Microeconomics - 1

Meet the Instructor

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Amit Goyal

A Student, Teacher and Researcher in Economics. My research interests includes Economic Theory, Bounded Rationality and Industrial Organisation. I can be reached at

Sumit Goel

Enthusiastic problem solver. Completed Computer Science Engineering from Delhi Technological University. Currently pursuing Masters in Economics at Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi. I can be reached at

Nidhi Jain

A Lifelong learner. Completed Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics. I can be reached at

Frequently Asked Questions

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What will be offered in this course?

Online Lectures, Exercises and a Final Exam to test your understanding of the stuff taught during the course.

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    Jun 17, 2016